Galaxy Trilogy Mixed Six-Pack (6 x 330ml cans)


One stellar hop, six astronomically juicy beers.

Experience the full Galaxy Trilogy in one six-pack:

2 x Hazy Galaxy Pale Ales

2 x Milky Way Galaxy Milkshake IPAs

2 x A Map Of The Galaxy Triple Dry Hopped Double IPAs

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Galaxy Trilogy Mixed Six-Pack

We took one of the most beautiful hops on the planet and let her go supernova in three stupidly juicy, stupidly delicious, single-hopped beers.

The Galaxy Trilogy Mixed Six-Pack includes two cans of each beer in the trilogy:

2 x Hazy Galaxy Pale Ales

ABV: 4.5%

It’s no secret that we love our hazy pales, and hell, why wouldn’t we? This Galaxy-packed hazy pale ale is everything we love about this style, with super-succulent hits of citrus and passionfruit, notes of guava, and a moreish toasted pineapple finish.

2 x Milky Way Galaxy Milkshake IPAs

ABV: 6%

This lush, creamy Milkshake IPA is our tribute to Earth’s starry home in the sky. Thanks to the addition of oats, lactose, a touch of vanilla, and a supermassive amount of Galaxy, this IPA has a smooth, velvety mouthfeel and celestial notes of peach and passionfruit.

2 x A Map of the Galaxy Triple Dry Hopped Double IPAs

ABV: 7.8%

Oof, we finished biiig with this one. We triple dry hopped this beast of a double IPA with a mega payload of Galaxy, getting a huge, citrusy thank you for our troubles. Massive waves of fresh, ripe mandarin, naartjie, and clementine usher in refreshing hits of peach and nectarine, followed by a mouthwatering lick of passionfruit.