Real beer.
Made Properly.

We founded Aegir Project with one simple goal: to make real beer, properly.

To us, that means using only the best quality hops, malts, yeasts, and water. It means no additives, no preservatives, no shortcuts – ever. It means pouring time, care, and love into every detail of production: from how we brew, to the artwork we put on the packaging, to the feeling you get when you take that first sip of an Aegir Project pint.

We’re here to brew high-quality, authentic beer. Beer that’s both innovative and approachable. Beer that’s pretty darn special, and tastes bloody awesome.

On Tap Now

Here's what's pouring at our Noordhoek Taproom this week.
(Half pint / full pint)
Thursdays are Cask Nights! Ask about this week's cask beer.