65 Beach Road, Noordhoek, Cape Town, South Africa
Fri: 4-7pm / Sat: 12-6pm / Sun: 12-3pm
Extra Page Uil
Real Pale Ale
Passion Fruit and Guava
Light Malty characters
46/100 IBU's

With an ABV of 3.8% and a dry, clean finish, this session beer suits thirsty summer afternoons in the Sun.

When the opportunity for a pun or play on words comes along we can never pass it up! So for those who do not originate from the shores of South Africa, an Uil (pronounced ale) is the Afrikaans translation of Owl.

California Steamin
Traditional Steam Bear
Earthy notes with a touch of Mint
Caramel and toasted bread
40/100 IBU's

This hybrid lager is a light and hoppy little Steam bear. It is an ideal beer to ease the novice beer geek into the wonderful world of Ales while still being complex enough for the Beer connoisseur (snob) to enjoy.

The steam beer in style developed from the traditional Ale recipe being fermented with Larger yeast in some seriously hot temperatures of sunny California. It originally had its place as a "poor mans" beer being dubbed a California Common, but we assure you there is nothing Common about our California Steamin'.

Red Rye
Classic Rye Beer
Mix of toffee and spices
Caramel and fruitiness with a slight white pepper finish
38/100 IBU's

This is my twisted version of a traditional rye beer. Rye malt is notoriously difficult to work with, but we feel we have managed to pull together a rather tasty brew with this unique recipe. Combining a ton of malt, with a plethora of hops we have managed to bring balance to this complex tight ropewalk.

Giant IPA
Genuine India Pale Ale
Citrus, Pine needles, Peaches and a slight woodiness
Marmalade and Tangerine, biscuit malts and candied orange
58/100 IBU's

This Giant of a beer is the result of many hours, days and years working away at my perfect IPA recipe (Pay ode to luplin). An explosion of Hops, beautifully complementing the ton of malt in this beer.

So as you may have guessed there is a ridiculous amount of hops thrown into this unique recipe and we feel, this IPA, while it does not melt your face off with intensive battery acid bitterness, is a true Giant of IPAs. The Hops in this beer are the real stars and we feel we have found an IPA that can offer a more gentlemanly approach to bitterness.

Midnight Porter
A Unique London Brew
Toasted bread and spices
Plum with roasted coffee and hints of chocolate.
31/100 IBU's

Midnight Porter is a full bodied creamy dark beer. The recipe for this Midnight Porter dates back to 1836 and was discovered by a friend of mine while digging through some old archives in Edinburgh. Discovering this recipe was one thing however then some dedicated deciphering was needed to translate this old English recipe into the 21st Century. After recalculating Bushels, Pecks and Kennings into Litres, Kilograms and Grams we have managed to bring this old Porter back to life.

Emerging from the darkness our midnight Porter is always there just when you need an extra guide to your seat.